NYC Shows To Get Pumped For This Week
Megan | Oct 13, 2014 | 12:00PM |

Welcome to another week FILLED WITH LIVE TUNES! Below you’ll find our top picks, which include (but are obviously not limited to) Xiu Xiu, Har Mar Superstar + The Pizza Underground, Wampire and MORE:


  • Tonight we’ve got a couple of gigs that may be up your alley. FOR EXAMPLE, Iceage will be playing The Acheron in Brooklyn tonight for twelve bucks with Uniform and Appetite as opening acts.
  • And if Iceage isn’t exactly your jam, then maybe pop on by Glasslands instead for a show by Hollie Cook! Doors are at 8:30, openers include Rioux and Brittany Campbell, and tickets will run you twelve bucks here as well.
  • Would you prefer to stick it out in Manhattan, though? Just swing by Le Poisson Rouge this evening for a Ramona Lisa show; tickets will set you back fifteen bucks, but the gig should be well worth it if you’re a fan of the style.


  • If you’re into folky jams, then you should probably get yourself over to Mercury Lounge for at least one of the two shows happening there tonight. First, we’ve got an album release party for Roadkill Ghost Choir for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • BUT if you want to double your folk times, stick around for the late gig featuring Kwesi K and Dave Wanamaker! The doors for this one are at 9:30, and tickets will set you back just ten bucks for entry.
  • Got twenty-five bucks to spare? Probably hit up Webster Hall tonight, then, ’cause Warpaint will be playing what’s sure to be an excellent show tonight with Liam Finn and Guy Blakeslee beginning at 8pm.
  • If you’re not feelin’ the Manhattan vibes, just get yourself to Music Hall of Williamsburg this evening for a Merchandise show; tickets are twelve bucks in advance and fourteen day of show, so try to get ’em early.
  • OR just head a bit south to Baby’s All Right, where you can catch Young Magic with Princess Nokia and Prince Rama (DJ set) tonight beginning at 11pm (DRINK SOME COFFEE FIRST) for just ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.


  • If you can’t get off work super early DON’T FRET, ’cause we are pretty super into the late show lineup at Mercury Lounge, which doesn’t kick off until 9:15pm. We’ve got Tristen, Cantina AND Slow Motion Picture under one roof for ten bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • But if that ain’t your jam, just zip around the corner to Bowery Ballroom for a gig by Aussie lovelies Pond, who will be playing TWO gigs in NYC this week, this one being the first of the pair of performances. Tickets are just fifteen bucks a pop.
  • And if that’s STILL not your jam, then head a little uptown to Highline Ballroom for  Gorgon City show. Granted, you WILL have to cough up a little extra dough (tickets are twenty bucks each) but it could be worthwhile.
  • AND if you’ve got a little more cash than THAT to throw around, you might want to catch The Orwells with Skaters at Irving Plaza this evening; tickets will set you back twenty-six bucks a pop.
  • However, if we’re gonna do the whole Manhattan song and dance I’m gonna have to implore us to hit up Webster Hall for a show from the lovely Nina Persson (of The Cardigans) for twenty-two dollars a ticket.
  • MEANWHILE over in Brooklyn we’ve got Boy & Bear playing Music Hall of Williamsburg with Run River North, so if you can swing the twenty bucks it’ll cost you for a ticket, definitely get one NOW as I’m fairly positive the show will sell out.
  • My personal vote is gonna have to go to Glasslands, though, ’cause La Hell Gang will be taking the stage (kind of obsessed) this evening for ten bucks in advance or twelve day of show. (Definitely get tickets ASAP.)
  • A close second to that one for me is going to have to be Caveman at Baby’s All Right with Icewater, Lily McQueen and MORE. The action kicks off at 8pm, and tickets are a very reasonable twelve bucks a pop.


  • First, we’ve got The Last Bison playing the late gig at Mercury Lounge with Monica Heldal, so if you can swing ten bucks in advance / twelve day of show, go ahead and snag yourself some tickets RIGHT NOW.
  • BUT we also happen to have Kopecky Family Band taking the stage around the corner at Bowery Ballroom with COIN, so if you can spare fifteen bucks this evening then this might be your very best bet.
  • In terms of Manhattan options, my personal preference is over at Le Poisson Rouge, where La Femme will be churning out some deliciously French surf rock tunes for fifteen bucks per ticket starting at 8pm.
  • Over in Brooklyn, you can prepare to sell at least half of your internal organs to snag tickets to the Def Jam 30th Anniversary show, which has a lineup featuring Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, DMX, Ja Rule and MORE at Barclays Center.
  • HOWEVER, if you just want to bust some serious dance moves you should PROBABLY head to Output for tonight’s edition of Input, featuring Toddla T and a million others for fifteen bucks in advance, twenty day of show.
  • We’ve also got another Gorgon City gig this week happening at Verboten, so if you’re prepared to part with between twenty-five and thirty bones to get your live listen on, then this is most definitely for you.


  • Mercury Lounge has us covered with TWO solid shows this evening; the early gig (doors at 7pm) will feature Motopony with The Family Crest and Cold Blood Club for just twelve bucks a ticket.
  • And then for the LATE slot at Mercury Lounge (doors at 9:30pm) we’ve got The Shivers with Roses and Big Kitty. Tickets to THIS one will cost you ten dollars in advance or twelve day of show.
  • My feelings are that we should jet over to Brooklyn, though, ’cause Har Mar Superstar will be playing with The Pizza Underground at the Knitting Factory for just fifteen dollars tonight, and IT’LL BE GREAT.
  • AND let’s not forget that just down the road we’re also going to have a very worthwhile show from Com Truise over at Music Hall of Williamsburg for sixteen bucks in advance, eighteen day of show.
  • If you can’t swing that kind of dough, probably just set your sights on Cameo Gallery around the corner; they’ll be hosting a New Myths record release show with Arms, Twin Wave and Nicholas Nicholas for eight bucks in advance, ten day of show.
  • Glasslands also has a really solid lineup of shows tonight beginning with the early slot; we’ve got French Horn Rebellion with Ayer AND Germans (in sum, our favorite humans of all time) for just twelve bucks a ticket.
  • And after THAT Glasslands will clear out for the LATE gig, which will feature Rone as the headlining act with Thug Entrancer and Photay beginning at 11:30pm. Tickets are twelve bucks in advance, fifteen day of show.
  • Too poor for that? You MIGHT want to consider hitting up Baby’s All Right, where they’ll be hosting Wampire and Tops for just five bucks a ticket. I really can’t even wrap my head around the value one that one, but I’ll TAKE IT.


  • For starters, get some folk vibes going over at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight courtesy of musical genius Sam Amidon! Tickets are sitting pretty at twenty bucks a pop, so grab one (or many) before they sell out.
  • We’ve also got a second show from Pond happening this week over at at Rough Trade; Doctopus and Fascinator will also be on the bill, and tickets will cost you a reasonable fifteen bucks each.
  • And once again, Glasslands hits it out of the park with two killer shows this evening. The first one is from Xiu Xiu with Yvette for twelve dollars in advance and/or fourteen dollars day of show.
  • And after THAT show, we’ve got Jessie Andrews taking the Glasslands stage with Body Language (DJ set) and MORE. The action kicks off at 11:30pm, and tickets will cost you just five bucks in advance, twelve day of show.
  • We’ve also got what’s sure to be the most dance-worthy show of all time happening up the street at Brooklyn Bowl, where Penguin Prison will churn out a DJ set and Saint Pepsi will perform live for just ten bucks.


  • Not a TON of shows happening today, but there’s a solid one over at Mercury Lounge featuring Hunter Valentine if you dig their tunes. Tickets will cost you twelve bucks in advance, fourteen day of show.

SO MUCH STUFF! If I’ve failed to mention something near and dear to your ears, please feel free to digitally berate me in the comments and/or on Twitter. BYE!