Hi! Welcome to BYT!
We’re a digital magazine + event production/marketing and communications creative agency based in Washington, DC & NYC & Chicago.
I guess if there was a good word that meant something about bridging the gap between online and real life we’d use it here.

We assume you would now want to get in touch with someone about events, stories, promotions, hugs, etc., so here is our core team:


Svetlana Legetic
[email protected]
strategic partnerships / media inquiries / sponsorship opportunities / FotoDC

[email protected]
byt event production / operations / pizza costumes / Bentzen Ball

Erik Loften
[email protected]
graphic design magic

Editorial Staff

Brandon Wetherbee
[email protected]
DC Managing Editor

Jenn Tisdale
[email protected]
Advertising and promo on BYT

Megan Burns
[email protected]
NYC Managing Editor

Kaylee Dugan
[email protected]
Editorial Assistant

Jeff Martin
[email protected]
Staff Photographer

Franz Mahr
[email protected]
Staff Photographer

Alan Zilberman
[email protected]
Film Editor

Phil Runco
[email protected]
Music Editor

Jonny Grave
[email protected]
Staff Writer

Jose Lopez-Sanchez
[email protected]
Staff Writer

The BYT Events Team
(cause Cale is probably ignoring your email)

Marissa Rubenstein
[email protected]
BYT Events / All things Instagram / and Partnerships

Mary Godier
[email protected]
BYT Events / FotoWeekDC


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To send a general note our way or let us know if something isn’t working on the site:
[email protected]

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