AM Starter Pack (4/19/2017)
Megan | Apr 19, 2017 | 10:00AM |

Oh hey, it’s another morning where we wish we were all still in bed! Fortunately the world doesn’t care, and it has decided to move on with or without us, hence we’ve got your NEWS and your WEIRD to get you going right now:

  • The 9/11 Memorial Plaza was evacuated after a man sprinkled salt on the ground. (via NYDN)
  • The man who slashed that Brownstoner editor on the train last week has been arrested. (via NY Post)
  • A GQ story about a weed delivery service fucked shit up for some NYC media people. (via Twitter)
  • A water fountain in a BK elementary school contained 1000 times more lead than federal standards allow. (via NY Post)
  • And finally, the landlord of Shea Stadium wants to turn it into a night club. UGH. (via DNA Info)

  • Even more reasons not to ride a motorcycle:
  • Well, at least the South Koreans seem calm:
  • Accurate:
  • How to make the most of discounted Easter candy: