AM Starter Pack (4/20/2017)
Megan | Apr 20, 2017 | 10:00AM |

Oh hey, it’s another morning where we wish we were all still in bed! Fortunately the world doesn’t care, and it has decided to move on with or without us, hence we’ve got your NEWS and your WEIRD to get you going right now:

  • I love donuts. I love sushi. I do not love sushi donuts. Sushi donuts are real. (via Gothamist)
  • Here are the most expensive neighborhoods in NYC. (via CBS)
  • A teenager was badly beaten by ten people at Coney Island on Sunday after they asked him if he was “static”. (via NYDN)
  • An elderly man was punched in the face after a man asked him if he was an American and he said yes. (via DNA Info)
  • And finally, a Brooklyn man has been detained for stalking Malia Obama in DC. (via NY Post)

  • This is my favorite video ever:
  • Oh my god:
  • Ummmm 10/10 will watch:
  • Whoa: