AM Starter Pack (7/13/2017)
Megan | Jul 13, 2017 | 10:00AM |

Oh hey, it’s another morning where we wish we were all still in bed! Fortunately the world doesn’t care, and it has decided to move on with or without us, hence we’ve got your NEWS and your WEIRD to get you going right now:

  • Two women were fatally shot by an unknown gunman in Bed-Stuy last night. (via DNA Info)
  • A woman was raped and robbed at gunpoint by five men after leaving a Queens church. (via NYDN)
  • The city is going to spend $32M to continue the war on rats. (via Gothamist)
  • New Yorkers will soon be able to pay fines via PayPal. (via NY Post)
  • And finally, a bank exec was caught shoplifting from Whole Foods using a baby stroller. Ugh. (via NY Post)

  • This is good:
  • OMG:
  • This is my favorite thing:
  • Raising one eyebrow can be v. hard: