Artist On Artist: Jen Goma Interviews TEEN’s Teeny Lieberson
Megan | Apr 7, 2016 | 12:00PM |

Jen Goma (A Sunny Day In Glasgow) and TEEN are playing Baby’s All Right tomorrow night, so we thought it would be SUPER GREAT if Jen would interview Teeny Lieberson in advance of the show. (And that is exactly what happened!)

They talked about everything from tour essentials to period underwear (you know, the kind that you see ads for everywhere but aren’t really sure anyone actually uses), so internet-eavesdrop on all of that below while listening to Jen’s rad cover of “All About Us” (off TEEN’s latest record Love Yes), AND be sure to grab tickets to the gig tomorrow night:

J: did you just wake up?

T: yea this it the last couple days of tour so i’m like completely exhausted! I was so tired the other day I could hardly keep my eyes open. That’s never happened to me on tour. So desperately in need of coffee before a show because I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to stay awake on stage

J: But then once you were on stage it was fine right?

T: Yea it was fine, but I couldn’t go as far as I wanted to! You know what I mean?

J: Ohhh, yea. Actually, I would like to see that. I would like to see someone sleepy on stage. Everyone is always just amped and selling it. I would like to see someone just reeeeeally sleepy.
– big pause-

T: It might be a really boring show.
Screenshot 2016-04-07 atless 11J: Did you go to Florida on this tour? Not a lot of bands tour to Florida.

T: Oh that’s right, not too many people play Florida. No I didn’t go to Florida.

J: Have you eve played Florida?

T: Yea actually, we did one tour maybe like a year ago with Islands where we played a couple times in Florida. It was really fun because I think that they don’t get that many shows.

J: Yea i know, the crowds seem more grateful. Did you play Arizona this tour?

T: This time, yea, we played in Tucson.

J: Oh that’s a good music town, I feel like Arizona is the same way, just so grateful if people ever go there.

T; Right, it was a real party scene in Tucson. I think the majority of the audience was on cocaine.

J: At least it wasn’t meth! When I moved to the East Coast and I told someone I was from the South West- they actually might have been doing coke at the time- they said “oh you guys don’t do coke down there right? you guys do meth.”

T: Haha, that’s a really bizarre assumption.

J: Yea, it was a house party in suburban New Jersey. They just thought meth was the cocaine of the South West.
missed conJ: Is there anywhere you wanted to play on this tour but didn’t get to?

T: I always like playing Vancouver.

J: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada?

T: Yes, that is correct. We have friends there, it’s pretty, people like to go to shows. I feel like it’s always fun. And we didn’t play San Francisco either and I feel like San Francisco is usually pretty fun, except that we got robbed the last time we were there.

J: ohhhh yea, I think everyone has gotten robbed in San Francisco. It’s a rite of passage.

T: Literally everyone.
tourT: Coffee

J: Yes.

T: I think you die without coffee.

J: Does anyone in the band not drink coffee?

T: No, everyone absolutely needs it. We’ll all kill each other if we don’t have coffee.

J: Do you guys take a David Lynch standpoint on coffee? Like, “bad coffee is better than no coffee”?

T: Any coffee. We do the hotel, what we call “appe-teaser coffee”

J: Haha, I love the free hotel/motel coffee.

T: I kind of love it too. Yea, we do that and then we’ll go get a stronger coffee. And I’m at the point where I’m needing a coffee during the day too, which I don’t usually do at home. Like, after dinner- if we even eat dinner, cause this tour has been insane- but, needing something to boost my energy!

J: Oh yeah, how long have the drives been?

T: We had a stretch of 5-6 hours a day, on average. And then there was an 8 hour drive one day and then we had to do this big drive to do a session, you know when you have to do the session before you play the show?

J: Yea yea.

T: And that one kills you because then you’re really exhausted.

J: So coffee for sure, can’t live without. What other things?

T: Listening materials.

J: Yes! What are you guys listening to in the van?

T: We’ve really gone through all the podcasts. There’s no podcast that any of us find that interesting anymore. When we’re really desperate we listen to Dateline.

J: Dateline NBC?

T: Yea, we watch the video/listen to the audio and it’s so depressing. You have to remember these are people’s lives completely sensationalized. But, it definitely keeps you awake. And we do the This American Life and Radio Lab… and we also tried to listen to the new Serial and that was terrible, so boring.

J: Oh yea, I listen to that to go to sleep, haha, that’s like my lullaby podcast.

T: Haha, well some of the things she says make me want to murder her. She said something like an emotion was so extreme that is was “cubed”? I don’t even know, she used “cubed” as a way of expressing that something was extreme.

J: So like, “he was so aroused, that he was horny cubed”? Am I using that right?

T: Haha, exactly!

J: Do you guys listen to comedy? You guys gotta listen to comedy, that’s the way.

T: Yea, yesterday we were listening to Louis C.K. Yea, that’s a pretty good thing to do. I realized the other night, we were watching a Richard Pryor documentary, that I’ve never really listened to Richard Pryor. So, maybe that’ll be a new place to start. It seems like all comedians now talk about how Richard Pryor was like “The One” basically.

J: Oh yea, let me know how that goes! I would recommend Hannibal Buress.

T: That’s a good call.

J: And John Mulaney, his first one and most recent one are really funny.

T: John Mulaney ok, yea Lizzie just went to see Too Much Tuna, the one with him and Nick Kroll. She said it was hilarious.

J: She saw the show, the play?

T: Yea, she saw the play.

J: Oh me too! I think John Mulaney and Nick Kroll are American treasures.

T: Yea, I love Nick Kroll.

J: Any other podcasts that people have turned you onto on tour?

T: Yea, we were just playing with Natronix and they said that they listened to this one where musicians dissect how they write songs? …TuneYards did one and I would be very interested in hearing that.
periodJ: Have you heard about this?

T: Yea, I’ve seen the ads everywhere, but are they pad included? How does it work?

J: I mean, I really hope I’m not describing it incorrectly but the way I understand it is that it’s like a diaper?

T: Hahaha

J: They are a lightweight but very absorbent material and you wash them and reuse them.

T: So they’re re-usable?

J: Yea, haha. So, I’m sorry, it’s like a reusable diaper, not a disposable diaper.

T: I don’t know if I’d necessarily want to wear those in the beginning but maybe towards the end of your period, when you’re tired of wearing tampons or uncomfortable, because it’s kind of uncomfortable, sort of like “oh I don’t really want to do this anymore”, I would be interested in using them.

J: Yea, for me I guess when these came out I was like, anyone who thinks that my underwear isn’t already like a period diaper that I wash and reuse is mistaken.

T: Hahah, yea, as most women know you have that designated underwear, for that time.

J: Yeah, and I love in that movie when the guy is looking through the girl’s underwear drawer and he finds black underwear and he’s like “oh black underwear!  that mean she’s serious about getting sexy”. And it’s like, no, that is her period underwear.