BYT Interviews: Verdigrls
Megan | Dec 2, 2017 | 9:00AM |

Babes All Rock is happening at Baby’s All Right tomorrow, and the lineup is REAL STACKED with amazing female-identifying fronted bands, one of which is Verdigrls; I caught up w/ Rachel, Catherine and Anna over email to ask them about the event, the band, The Cranberries, good public places to cry, etc., so internet-eavesdrop on our full digital back-and-forth below, and then be sure to catch ’em live at Baby’s tomorrow ’cause 1. it’s gonna be great, and 2. BONUS – it’s for a good cause! (Proceeds will benefit the Mount Sinai SAVI program!) Grab your tickets here.

How’d Verdigrls get involved with this rad event? Are any/all of you a primary organizer(s), or were you just super amped to have the band perform at the benefit? (Or both!)

Rachel: I previously worked with Ana of Hi Tide and Fruit & Flowers and she asked me if the band would like to play. I was happy to also help her promote the event. Verdigrls are supporters of survivors of sexual assault and the Mount Sinai SAVI program.

And tell me more about Verdigrls! More specifically, 1. did Catherine and Anna make Rachel complete a series of challenges to become a non-sibling member of the band? (If the answer is yes, what was the hardest one? If the answer is no, still – what was the hardest one?) 

Anna is the type that is skeptical of new band members.  She is reluctant to embrace new friends at first, and everyone has to prove themselves. However, during a Limearita tasting Catherine and Rachel wrote a song (that is going to be on our EP) and then Anna realized Rachel was an amazing musician (and now one of her best friends).

And 2. if Verdigrls was a pizza, what would that entail?

We are dollar slice because we are always short on cash.

Apart from the Babes All Rock lineup, who are some female/female-identifying fronted bands (or solo musicians) each of you currently and/or forever admire?

As a band we have a few classics we will forever love: Au Revior Simone and The Chromatics.  Also love Rilo Kiley, Hole, The Cranberries. We started writing music after listening to Beach House and Grimes. Also White Lung (WE had the honor of opening for them in April). The band that brought Rachel and I together was the Raincoats. As for more new bands we admire, Angel Olsen, Mitski, Kissisippi. Probably missing a bunch.

Who was the first female/female-identifying fronted band (or, again, solo musician) each of you can remember becoming obsessed with? (Or at least think very fondly of?)

Rachel : Paramore “One of the only female fronted pop-punk bands”

Catherine: Probably Camera Obscura, I will forever have twee running through my veins.

Historically it’s kind of always been rough to be a female-identifying human, but this past year (and fall) have felt especially grueling. Do any of you have any coping/self-care tips/advice?

Don’t talk to men with guitars, just to be safe. (only 20% joking) Also surround yourself with people who understand and support those that have trauma being brought up. Sometimes not bringing up the news and talking about lighter things can help, considering on the person, because it can trigger ptsd etc. Also make sure you eat, sleep, go outside.

And after your January 9th show, what’s coming up for for the band? (Professionally, unprofessionally…anything you feel like talking about!)

We are so excited for 2018. We’ve been calling it the year of the Verdigrl. We’re going to be finishing our EP and hopefully release it.

Also, what’ve you been working on lately tunes-wise? Can we expect to hear anything ultra-brand-new at the gig on Sunday?

We play around 2 songs from the old EP, and one previously released. Most of the set is new tunes that are a lot darker.

Bonus Questions Inspired By Verdigrls Tweets:

If you (any/all of you) were stranded on a desert island and could only take one Cranberries song, what would it be?

Dreams, because you can entertain yourself by spinning around to it for hours.

Where are some good public places to cry? (I am partial to Chinatown!)

My favorite place is the Best Buy DVD section because none of the staff are ever around and no one buys DVD’s anymore.