Come To This on Friday: DJ Hoodboi, Lakim, Arnold, Doctor Jeep
Carly Loman | Nov 12, 2013 | 1:45PM |

The mysterious jersey-club king DJ Hoodboi is gracing us, incarnate, with his masked presence. This Friday at new Williamsburg venue Baby’s All Right he will be joined by prominent and innovative producers Lakim, Arnold and Doctor Jeep. This is GUARANTEED to be great, so be there.

Doctor Jeep has been steadily releasing some of the best future bass music out there. We had the chance to ask the very talented New York City-based producer some questions, and here’s what he had to say.

So Friday’s show is you along with DJ Hoodboi, Lakim, and Arnold at new Billyburg venue Baby’s All Right. Tell us why we should be looking forward to it.
I think it should be a good time thanks to the diversity in the music we all play and the fact that it’s at a brand new venue – pretty sure it just opened like two weeks ago. It’ll be interesting to see how we all interact. Pretty sure I’m opening so it’ll be an opportunity to hear Jeep’s Deeper Cuts™.
What are you listening to right now, and who should we be looking out for?
I probably won’t play much of the music I’ve been jamming to unless the place is ram-jam from the start since it tends to be pretty peak-time music. I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff that encapsulates UK Funky, Bassline, and Grime. Favorite tunes are coming from my homies NativChampion, and Killjoy. The rhythm in the grooves those guys use is absolute danger on the dance floor. Plus, I love sub bass as you can probably tell from my productions.
Also a crazy amount of Drum N Bass recently, but I always feel weird saying that because I feel like people associate it with a certain type of really aggro sound, much like how people think of “dubstep” as “noisey stuff devoid of rhythm that packs in as many crazy robot basses as possible”. I’m into the chiller, halftime form of DnB and had labels like Exit RecordsCritical MusicShogun Audio, etc on heavy rotation. It’s a tempo that I think a lot of Americans can get into with it’s similarity to current rap beats but still feels really fresh. Discovering that kind of stuff which doesn’t get a lot of play over here but people can still find ways to dance to is really exciting.
What’s next for Doctor Jeep? Any new releases or shows on the horizon?
Yes, lots of goodies. My next EP is coming out on Trouble & Bass on November 19th. I have a 4 track EP coming out on Digital Soundboy in 2014 and another T&B EP around that same time. Bunch of remixes on vinyl and digital. Needless to say I’m about ready for all of these to come out because I produced them all between June-August and am getting kinda antsy! Next major shows are Providence on the 23rd and an extended set at TBA Brooklyn for this party called Saturn Bound on December 5th. They gave me the freedom to play whatever I wanted, so it’ll be nice to mix some tunes I never usually get to play out (i.e., the DnB stuff mentioned above).
Finally, what’s up with the elusive DJ Hoodboi? 
Well if I told you that, it’d ruin the surprise wouldn’t it? Just know that he is the king of the sexy jersey-not-jersey edits. This one’s my personal favorite of his.
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Check out Doctor Jeep on soundcloud, twitter, and facebook. The dude knows what he’s doing.