Low Ticket Alert! The Wild Honey Pie’s Dinner w/ Wilder Maker Tomorrow Night (12.19)
Megan | Dec 18, 2017 | 3:00PM |

If you celebrate Christmas, chances are you’re about to endure some potentially unpleasant family dinner parties! Have the last laugh by grabbing tickets to a guaranteed excellent dinner party, devoid of problematic relatives and burnt side dishes! How, you ask? The Wild Honey Pie has come to the rescue with the latest in its musical dinner party series – it’s happening at Le Fanfare in Brooklyn tomorrow night (12.19) from 7pm until 10pm, and will feature a three-course Italian meal, free beer and (best of all) a performance by Wilder Maker!

Tickets are a very reasonable $40 a pop, and they’re going fast, so grab ’em now!