Lunchtime Goth Pizza Party w/ a place both wonderful and strange
Megan | May 28, 2013 | 1:15PM |

Today is Russ Marshalek‘s birthday, you guys. If you don’t know him, he’s one half of mega-excellent duo Silent Drape Runners, AND he’s just launched a solo project called a place both wonderful and strange. He’s hooked us up with an amazing mix in celebration of the new project, so fill your ears with that as you read about his mission statement, his feelings on goth pizza, and whether or not he would use his birthday wish for the good of Amanda Bynes. ALSO be sure to catch a Silent Drape Runners DJ set at The DL tonight; there will be free pizza and free drinks and Jean Grae, and WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE ABOUT THAT?! So here we go, and see a place both wonderful and strange at Bowery Electric on July 11th:

Words from Russ:

“experiment I” is the first in a monthly series of DJ mixes i’ll be putting out, leading up to the august 1 release of the debut a place both wonderful and strange EP, “play it as it lays”. the project (abbreviated a place both…, NEVER A place both and NEVER APBWAS) finds kindred spirits in those who view the post-apocalyptic future to be one of fire and metal rather than zodiac symbols and peace signs. within darkness exists the brightest light. see: wolvves, whose song “it speaks” on this mix embodies so much (but the thesis statement is really in the first track, isn’t it?)
a place both… will be making its live debut July 11 at Bowery Electric. i say “its” for a solo project because a place both wonderful and strange LIVE is the opposite of being about me–it is about everything else. hopefully that makes me sound like less of a douche than nine inch nails being a “its” or a “we”.
i do not know where this will lead me but you know what the tattoo on my right inner arm says.
(it will be a place both wonderful and strange)

And now onto our discussion about goths and pizza and goth pizza:

What do you think the ultimate goth pizza would look like? What would the toppings be?

Thee ultimate goth pizza would somehow incorporate skulls, upside-down crosses, and the PENDU symbol. the toppings would be blackened hearts and darkest nights. and jalapenos bc you’re a right-out fuky if you don’t eat jalapenos on your pizza.

On a scale of one to goth and/or KVLT, how would you rank the following pizza toppings:

  • Anchovies: eh fishykvlt
  • Pepperoni:  nope
  • Peppers: you’re getting there
  • Mushrooms: yo what kind button mushrooms are some fuky shit but if we’re getting gourmet then absofuckinglutely
  • EXTRA cheese: consider the cheese. are we talking like processed cheese product bc my digestive system doesn’t fuck with that. if we’re talking, like, some TWO BOOTS and we have a selection of gourmet cheese to choose from, then yes, pretty KVLT. the more pungent cheeses, the bleus of the world, are very GOTH and should be applied liberally to pizza.
  • Ham: oh hell no
  • Sausage: no
  • Chicken: fuck you
  • Onions: ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY i fuck with red onions i would eat that shit raw and then try to make out with the world

Who do you think invented pizza? DON’T GOOGLE IT, JUST GO WITH WHAT YOU KNOW.

Captain Morris Von Pizza, who arrived from Italy with Columbus in 1776. It was ratchet because he came over and as they were slaughtering the indigenous people with their knives and guns and venereal diseases and smallpox blankets, Von Pizza discovered he could make a delicious dish out of the blood and pain of an entire society being laid to waste.

Domino’s or Papa John’s?


ALTERNATIVE. PS, don’t you wish there was a shrimp restaurant called Papa Prawns?

I would eat that right now.

What is your favorite topping combination on a pizza?

Jalapenos, pineapple, pungent cheeses. Marry me? I know right.

What are you going to wish for for your birthday? (You should say a thing you hope will never happen so that it won’t come true now that you’re telling us.)  

Lil Wayne covering John Mayer

Do you think your wish would still come true if you put candles in a pizza instead of a birthday cake?  

God i hope not

Will you consider donating your wish to Amanda Bynes?

Amanda Bynes is a dream my wish makes into my heart.

Any closing statements?

YO SHOUT OUT JOSH STRAWN (my friend / producer / of azar swan/vaura) THEE BEST GOTH

Okay, so remember to swing by The DL starting at TEN tonight to celebrate Russ’s birthday / get drunk / eat pizza / etc., and obviously be sure to keep an eye out for all the latest from a place both wonderful and strange on Facebook and Twitter. AND we’ll see you July 11th at Bowery Electric for the live multi-media show debut!