Not-Your-Average Movie-Going: Art House & Repertoire Movies To See This Week In NYC
Megan | Jul 9, 2013 | 10:45AM |

One of the best things about New York is that you get to see movies 95% of the country won’t get to see. Movies that never get a wider release, movies that only a select few would love, movies that were released forever ago but deserve your attention NOW as well. So, to celebrate the extremely awesome cinema going experiences of New York city this week, we will pick a handful of films and film programming not to miss in the art house/revival/repertoire movie world!

First up, though, we’ve got some MOVIE REVIEWS FOR YOU(S) in case your idea of a solid week of film involves any of the following:

The Way, Way Back
I’m So Excited
The Lone Ranger
Despicable Me 2

And now for everything else:

Stand By Me, Tuesday July 9th @ Red Hook Pier: Oh hey, it’s a FREE outdoor screening of everyone’s favorite coming-of-age-with-a-dead-body film! Let’s jet over to Red Hook early to ensure good seats.

The Matrix, Tuesday July 9th @ MoMA: Let’s spend our Tuesday evening marveling at the acting genius that is Keanu Reeves on screen, okay? OKAY?!

The Matrix Reloaded, Wednesday July 10th @ MoMA: And now that we’re all caught up on The Matrix series from yesterday’s MoMA screening, let’s keep the ball rolling tonight, same place, same time.

Silver Linings Playbook, Wednesday July 10th @ Hudson River Park: WEDNESDAYS ARE TERRIBLE! BUT, there is a literal silver lining in that we can hang out with on-screen versions of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence FOR FREE tonight! (I’ll bring the Raisin Bran.)

Can’t Hardly Wait, Wednesday July 10th @ McCarren Park: Not into romantic dramadies featuring slightly mental people? Skip Silver Linings and instead scope Can’t Hardly Wait over in Williamsburg fo’ FREE.

Ice Age, Wednesday July 10th @ the South Street Seaport: Everybody loves Raymond, ESPECIALLY when he is in talking wooly mammoth-form! Let’s unleash our inner child and/or paleontologist and boogie on over to the South Street Seaport for this FREE screening!

Lawrence of Arabia, Wednesday July 10th thru Monday July 15th @ BAM: This is obviously part of the Big Screen Epics series they’ve got going on at BAM, and we should all go to see it. YOU HEAR ME?!

The Matrix Revolutions, Thursday July 11th @ MoMA: JUST when you thought you couldn’t get any more MATRIX’D this week, MoMA hits us again with ANOTHER 7:30pm screening. #INTENSE

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Thursday July 11th @ Brooklyn Bridge Park: I think it’s safe to say that there is something seriously wrong with anyone who doesn’t like this movie. It literally never gets old, so let’s go watch it for free in the great outdoors tonight.

Doctor Zhivago, Thursday July 11th thru Sunday July 14th @ BAM: Holy eff I love this movie more than anything. Let’s go and pretend we are hibernating and/or freezing in the Ural Mountains.

The Warriors, Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th @ Nitehawk Cinema: What better way to spend our weekend than in a dark movie theater with a slew of street gangs in dystopian New York?! Answer: there is NO BETTER WAY.

Wet Hot American Summer, Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th @ Sunshine Cinema: THEY ARE SO FLIPPING GOOD AT MOVIE PROGRAMMING HERE. I can’t even stand how much this movie rules, so we should make a point to hit up one and/or both of the midnight screenings this weekend.

12 Monkeys, Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th @ IFC Center: If for some unfathomable reason you’re not into Wet Hot American Summer for a midnight screening, you can always trade it out for this one, which is ALSO a pretty solid choice if I do say so myself.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th @ IFC Center: Then again, we could ALSO throw a little Indiana Jones into the midnight mix to shake things up, yeah? (YEAH!)

A Woman Under the Influence, Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th @ BAM: This one’s a no-brainer; if you missed its most recent screening at Nitehawk, you’ll definitely want to get in on the action at BAM this weekend as part of the Cassavetes series.

Gran Torino, Friday July 12th @ MoMA: Provided we can bunk off work a little early today, I’m going to vote we spend the afternoon with an on-screen Clint Eastwood over at MoMA at 4pm.

Zombieland, Friday July 12th and Saturday July 13th @ Nitehawk Cinema: I tend to get really emotional during zombie movies, so you probably won’t find me here. BUT, that doesn’t mean that you should shuffle on over there yourself! #BRAINZ

Batman Begins, Saturday July 13th @ MoMA: Man, MoMA is just KILLIN’ IT this week in terms of the action and/or adventure flicks, no? If Bruce Wayne’s your main man, I’m going to vote you carve out some time today to chill with him in an air-conditioned theater.

Beetlejuice, Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th @ Nitehawk Cinema: BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE, BEETLEJUICE! This one’s screening for brunch, and I can’t think of anything more appetizing on a hungover stomach, can you?! LET’S DO THIS.

School Daze, Sunday July 14th @ Habana Outpost: Chances are we’re mega-hungover today, so I’m going to suggest we gimp over to Habana Outpost for affordable dranks ‘n corn, plus a free screening of School Daze. #RELAXING

Dark Shadows, Sunday July 14th @ MoMA: Not into the idea of sitting outdoors today? NO WORRIES! We can zip over to MoMA and watch Johnny Depp be Johnny Depp or something!

The Campaign, Sunday July 14th @ MoMA: While we’re there, let’s stick around to catch a screening of The Campaign, which is sure to be LOL-filled and mega-worthwhile.

And that’s all. Let us know if we missed something we shouldn’t have in the comments and send us recommendations/tips to [email protected] and [email protected] for next week’s column. PLUS, follow us on Twitter (@BYTNYC) and subscribe to our weekend newsletter to be forever in the movie loop.