NYFW Survival Guide
Carly Loman | Megan | Sep 5, 2014 | 12:00PM |

Well, like, not so much a “survival guide” as a “what’s-in-your-bag/will-it-help-you-survive guide,” you know? If you don’t know, you soon will. Check out what these bloggers/magazine folk/general fashion-y individuals keep in their bag during #NYFW and how (if) it helps them make it through those long, arduous, (sometimes (read: ALWAYS) shitty) NYFW days.


Okay. Here we go!


Arts & Culture Editor at The WILD Magazine
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1. Who needs complimentary whey protein bars when you have a Slim Jim keychain at your disposal. Also doubles as cell phone stylus when your fingers get tired from Instagram fatigue.
2. Sexy reading material for between show perusal, compliments of RUDE collective. (Rudecollective.com)
3.Beast perfume by  CB I Hate Perfume, with notes of roast beef and parsley. When your Slim Jim’s out of reach, just take a secret whiff of your wrist while checking the time.
4. New Skin liquid bandage for my bleeding soul. I mean soles.
5. Unlimited metrocard for when your cab fund is nonexistent.
6. I found a dollar and am putting it toward said cab fund.
7. Hair spray I found in a swag bag last fashion week. Still have no idea what it does, still use it consistently.
8. YSL dark goth lipstick, because my look at shows is usually stoner witch.
9. Always be prepared.
11. I still haven’t paid this, but I feel it humbles me to have a big debt looming over my head when interacting with fashion people.
12. Riff Raff on repeat.  #VersacePython
13. We all got our vices, okay?
14. Trash for make up removal, gum disposal, and to write copious notes on when the phone dies. Unfortunately there is no room for a pen.
MICHELLE MARTIN — Fifty-Two Thursdays
Co-founder of Fifty-Two Thursdays
Twitter: @ToothFairy10 Instagram:@fiftytwothursdays
1. Journal and pen—I swear, the older I get the more I forget. This is why I always carry around a journal to jot ideas and notes which will be helpful during the shows – the good ol’ fashion way.
2. Tic Tacs—because chewing gum is just not classy nor is bad breath
3. Bandages—Since I won’t have room in my bag for a change of comfortable shoes, bandages will just have to do to protect the inevitable blisters.
4. Hand Sanitizer—For obvious reasons for being in NY. I’m not trying to come back with a cold or any other bug.
5. Business Cards—You never know who you are going to run in to, and a physical card can be more memorable and a lot easier than having to spell out your name and email in a crowded place.
6. Sunglasses—My hubby designs sunnies on the side which is awesome for me because I never have to buy another pair again! This pair is my favorite and honestly If I could I would permanently attach them to my face. Can’t go anywhere with out them.
Co-founder of Fifty-Two Thursdays
Twitter: @ToothFairy10 Instagram:@fiftytwothursdays
1. A YSL Bag from Bag, Borrow Steal because if you are gong to NYFW you need big girl bag and if you don’t have $4000 to drop on that big girl bag, you rent it.
2. Canon 6D with external micraphone-bc we learned the hard way when you have a chance to get an interview with the designer backstage and you aren’t prepared results in an epic fail and terrible sound.
3. Extra Memory Card—You can’t take enough pictures at Fashion Week and when you run out of space you’re screwed so always have a back up.
4. Sunglasses—aka my hangover saviors and dark circle hiders.
5. Snacks—Apparently people in this industry don’t eat? We also learned this at MBFW in Miami, they provide sangria and endless amounts of wine but no food. So this time I will have a stash of snacks in my bag so we don’t die of starvation.
6. Iphone and every external charger/wall charger I can find because I know my phone will die and what good is a blogger with no phone?  You might as well pack up and go home at that point..
7. Oribe Dry-pump up the glam and make your hair smell like you just walked out of a french parfumerie even if you haven’t showered since Wednesday.

MTV Intern, Former WWD Intern, Student, Stylist, Creative Director and a Buyer at Buffalo Exchange.
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1. Maui Lotion from Bath&Body Works—Just in case you get a little ash after all the networking and shaking hands.
2. Tom Ford Perfume—Who doesn’t want to smell amazing in the midst of sweating in between shows?
3. Umbrella—It’s small and compact, you just never know when a random shower might hit…
4. YSL lipstick—Application is super smooth, smells great and a bold lip will be sure to get you noticed for the right reasons.
5. Cynthia Rowley Coin Purse—Perfect to put your business cards in or a healthy snack to munch on.
6. Bobbi Brown Blush—You can always use a touch up!
7. SG Shaping Hair Spray—The only way I can attempt to combat humidity.
8. Headphones—The proper way to get hype for shows.
9. MAC Finishing Spray—Just sets all your make up in and a spritz every now and then will keep your skin glistening!
10. Prada Sunnies—The bigger the better, totally in love with cat eye over sized sunnies for this season.
Editorial Staff at Hey Hey Gorgeous
Twitter: @heyheygorgeous Instagram: @heyheygorgeous
1. NARS Priscilla lipgloss—This color is so versatile and fresh.  Who doesn’t love a bold, vibrant lip?
2. Dior Addict It Lash Mascara—This gem is great for on-the-go because it is so compact.  Plus the brush is revolutionary and makes it easy for touch-ups and those hard to reach lashes.
3. Tide-to-go—Since most meals during NYFW are a grab and go situation, this bad boy comes in handy for those unwanted stains on your new cream colored crop top.
4. 24/7 Glide-on Eye pencil by Urban Decay—Even though this liner stays true to its name, it never hurts to reapply later in the evening before those fabulous NYFW after parties.
5. Makeup Forever Pro-finish foundation—Although it is September, the heat in the city can cause increased oil on your face.  This is perfect to powder yourself in between shows and keep that shine away.
6. Fresh Sugar lip treatment—One thing I’m certain of- chapped lips are never en vogue.  The SPF in this balm will also protect your lips against the sun.
7. Tresemme extra firm control hair spray—To keep that chic blowout looking fresh throughout the day, this helps fight the humidity and will keep your ‘do in place.
8. Bliss body butter—Because ashy legs don’t really go with my outfit, this lotion keeps my skin glowing and hydrated all day long.
Editor at Inboga Mag + Fashion blogger
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BYT 001
(Jose just attended BAFWEEK in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so he’s got some post-madness survival gear that you may or may not want to employ during your own NYFW routine.)
1. I have my wallet with no money (because bloggers are broke, but it’s full of my business cards)
2. Sunglasses (because of the shade), big ass headphones in case of bad soundtracks during fashion shows
3. My Nokia Lumia 1020 (best cell phone camera on the market)
4. An extra USB charger for an emergency boost
5. My camera (Canon EOS 60D)
6. condoms (because obviously)
7. Listerine breath freshener
8. A mini Polo Black by Ralph Lauren
9. A Zippo lighter
10. Sanitizing wipes, because I’m a germaphobe