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Photos by Alyssa Lesser

This past Sunday we co-hosted (with Russ Marshalek and Deanna Paquette) our final SEE / CHANGE event at Cannon’s Walk at the South Street Seaport, which was titled DOLLAR$TORE $HOPUP; the concept was to create a non-traditional dollar store in a flea market-style setting, where local artists and creatives were challenged to create, display and sell original works for $1. We had a table full of dollar art, message-filled balloons that could be popped for $1, and even teeny-tiny SUPER DELICIOUS sandwiches from Randwich that could be purchased for (you guessed it) ONE DOLLAR APIECE! We also had a DJ booth to simulate an IRL jukebox; we began the playlist with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” on repeat until guests paid to add more songs to the queue, each request costing a dollar. We were really pleased with the results, and we’re hoping to throw another one soon! In the meantime, relive the magic below:

20130818-DSC_0003 20130818-DSC_0008 20130818-DSC_0011 20130818-DSC_0017 20130818-DSC_0020 20130818-DSC_0023 20130818-DSC_0028 20130818-DSC_0030 20130818-DSC_0033 20130818-DSC_0034 20130818-DSC_0040 20130818-DSC_0043

And from the @randwiches Instagram feed, some DELICIOUSLY ADORABLE RANDOM SANDWICHES:

Picture 501 Picture 502

And from MY Instagram feed, DJ a place both wonderful and strange ‘n DOLLA BILLZ:

Picture 503 Picture 504

Thanks again to the South Street Seaport and Y-O-U for making this the best summer ever. Until next time, hugs, glitter ‘n Randwiches, y’all.