Six French Spots To Celebrate Bastille Day in NYC
Megan | Jul 13, 2017 | 11:00AM |

Tomorrow is Bastille Day! I vote you celebrate with some champagne ‘n escargot at one or more of NYC’s French restaurants and bars! Here are a few of my favorites that don’t suck for your consideration:


If you find yourself in Bushwick (which I frequently do as I live here), you should make a point to swing by Mominette (221 Knickerbocker Avenue); their escargot is one of my favorite things on the planet, though you also can’t go wrong with steak frites, coq au vin, any of their mussel dishes or a good old fashioned meat ‘n cheese board. (There are also $1 oysters all day and night from 11am to 11pm!) Drinks-wise, I’m a Kronenbourg 1664 gal myself, but they’ve got a nice selection of wines and cocktails, too.

Pates Et Traditions

Making your way gradually towards Manhattan, you can also pop into 52 Havemeyer for a bite at Pates Et Traditions! I can never resist a good pâté or foie gras plate, so if you’re in the market to grab one for $16, DO IT. And their crepe selection is bonkers extensive; guaranteed to be something that strikes your fancy whether you’re into sweet or savory.

Le Barricou

Located at 533 Grand, this one’s also on the neighborhood heat map and is well worth a visit, if only just for the classic hors d’ouevres menu, which includes all the usual (delicious) suspects like escargot, steak tartare and pâté. The star of the show for me, though, is the duck confit, because if life has taught me anything, it’s ALWAYS ORDER THE DUCK CONFIT.

Le French Diner

And now onto Manhattan land! Le French Diner (188 Orchard Street) is just about as cute as can be, and with a rotating dinner menu, you’re typically always in for something new and delicious!

Dominique Bistro

For West Village vibes, head to Dominique Bistro (14 Christopher Street) and get hooked up will staples like onion soup, Niçoise salads, steak au poivre, a healthy side o’ frites and MORE!


Okay, maybe Soho’s Lafayette isn’t exactly thinking outside the box when it comes to my suggestions, but it’s a forever-favorite for a reason! Whether you’re trying to do lunch or dinner (I’m all about the salmon rillettes and rotisserie chicken), or you’d prefer to go hard on some bakery items (think: macarons, canelés, etc.), this place is an all-day affair to suit your needs. (Just be sure to grab a glass of champagne, ’cause remember, we’re celebrating freedom and whatnot.)