Some Good, Good Doggos from Saturday’s Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade
Megan | Oct 23, 2017 | 12:00PM |

The Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade happened on Saturday, and as usual, it was an overload of cute dot com. It was also hot as balls out; whereas in previous years it’s typically been slightly cooler, or even overcast, this particular day felt like borderline animal cruelty re: marching dogs around in costumes, but that didn’t stop onlookers from coming out in droves to admire the panting pups. (And when I say droves, I mean DROVES. I don’t think I have ever seen the event so crowded before.) Costumes ranged from the very basic (obviously purchased at Petsmart) to the very elaborate (one dog was perched inside its very own bedazzled Cinderella-esque carriage), but it didn’t seem to impact the excitement of the humans who’d made the pilgrimage to Instagram them all. “OH MY GOD, IT’S A _______!!!” people would exclaim as they passed dogs dressed as chickens, sushi, dragons, etc. The dogs, meanwhile, seemed less enthused, but were generally good sports considering the excess heat and attention. Here are a few GIFs of all the action: