Taste Test: Thanksgiving Croissant @ Momofuku Milk Bar
Megan | Nov 20, 2015 | 11:00AM |

This post originally ran in 2013, but seeing as the Thanksgiving croissants are still here and still great, it deserves a re-run. -ed

So there are a lot of great things about November, but the biggest one (for me) is the mother effing THANKSGIVING CROISSANT at Momofuku Milk Bar. They only offer these beautiful monstrosities once a year for the month of November, which is probably a good thing seeing as we would probably die of a tryptophan overdose if they were available year-round. (Slash it is an entire Thanksgiving meal packaged neatly in a croissant, and I can’t imagine that’d be¬†good for you in non-moderation.)

Picture 1362 Picture 1361

The croissant itself is made with celery salt, so it tastes like stuffing. (Amazing, I know.) THEN, the inside is stuffed with turkey, gravy AND cranberry sauce! The entire package! And a hefty one at that; I didn’t weigh it, but it’s a whopper. As for the taste, all the flavors are balanced really well (it IS an entire Thanksgiving meal, after all…); you’ve got saltiness from the croissant and the gravy, nice texture from the turkey, and a healthy dose of tart sweetness from the cranberry sauce. (The best part? NO DISHES TO CLEAN UP!) And how much will the totally-worth-it calorie bomb set you back? Just seven bucks!¬†Definitely worth a trip (or thirty) to any of the Momofuku Milk Bar locations this month. GET IT, GURL.

***Momofuku Milk Bars are everywhere (now including DC!), but I prefer the Williamsburg location at 382 Metropolitan Avenue.