The Dude Subscribes! YouTubers To Know Vol. 15: Dan Bell
Megan | May 17, 2017 | 1:00PM |

Hello, and welcome to the FIFTEENTH edition of THE DUDE SUBSCRIBES!, which is a series that shouts out YouTube channels we think you should follow and why, or a “BIG LOWDOWNSKI”, if you will. (I will.)


  • Who: Channel – This Is Dan Bell, IG – @thisisdanbell
  • What: Dan Bell goes around to abandoned places in series like Dead Mall and Another Dirty Room and films what he finds inside. Sometimes it’s gross. Sometimes it’s creepy. Sometimes he gets attacked by bees. Most times it’s fascinating and sad.
  • Why: Out of all the series Dan Bell does, I gravitate towards Dead Mall the most. I think anyone who was alive and self-aware pre-early 2000s has some emotional connection to the shopping mall. For me, it was a place I spent countless weekends; when I was really small my mom would cart us all over to Tysons Corner Center, and when I was old enough to become a mall rat of my own volition, I hung around Dulles Town Center whenever I could. Sure, people shopped, but it was also a social hub, and so when the recession hit and took a big toll on shopping centers (leaving some completely defunct), the opportunity arose for people like Dan Bell to document a plethora of consumerist corpses. (He also goes inside other sorts of abandoned places, and in the Another Dirty Room series he explores gross-ass hotel/motel suites, but the overarching theme tends to be “here is a place that was once very much occupied and thriving, or it had some level of integrity, but now it does not, slash what the fuck happened”.) With regards to the abandoned spots, Dan’s resulting footage feels very post-apocalyptic, and I think it’s especially eerie to see in a time when the future doesn’t feel like such a guarantee. If you’re into that kind of thing (or you just like to explore the unexplored), this is definitely a good channel for you.