The Hit List: Things To Do Tonight In NYC (8.9.2017)
Megan | Aug 9, 2017 | 12:00PM |

Wow, what a day to be alive amirite?! Let’s distract ourselves from ye olde impending nuclear holocaust with SO MUCH GOOD STUFF after work, like boozy ghost hunting and Simpsons bingo!

  • Broke? RSVP to see Charlotte Cardin, Matt Maeson and Bryce Fox at Public Arts for free!
  • But it’s also Whitney Houston’s birthday, so probably go to tonight’s Battle of the Divas (which is Whitney vs. Mariah themed) at Union Hall for $10 if you can swing it!
  • AND it’s a new round of Drunk Education (formerly Drunk TED Talks) at Littlefield, and this time they’re talking Reality TV! Tickets are $8.
  • And let’s not forget about UCB Chelsea, where Adsit & You is happening for $7, and Jo Firestone’s Unexpectashow is happening for $5!
  • If movies are more your jam, get to Videology for a $12 screening of Bend It Like Beckham!
  • (And stick around for free Simpsons bingo!)
  • Speaking of free, let’s get back into your $0 options! Beetlejuice is screening for free, and Sad13 (Sadie Dupuis) is performing beforehand!
  • And La La Land is screening for free at Pier 63 but probably skip that because La La Land is trash!