Ticket Giveaway: OSB @ the AMNH ft. Chairlift (DJ Set), Prince Klassen & Party Supplies
Megan Burns | Mar 12, 2013 | 12:15PM |

Friday is quickly approaching, and you know what that means; ONE STEP BEYOND! That’s right, just THREE MORE DAYS to snag those $25 (in advance) tickets, allowing you to hang with us, Prince Klassen, Party Supplies and Chairlift bein’ DJs for the evening. PLUS you’ll be able to do all that (aka DRINK AND DANCE) in the flipping ROSE CENTER FOR EARTH AND SPACE at the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY. (Like, what?!) Amazing, we know. GET TICKETS HERE.

UNLESS you’d like to WIN a pair of tickets, in which case I invite you to participate in our giveaway; we cleverly set aside a pair of tickets to ensure you’d have a chance to party it up fo’ free, and now’s the time to test your luck. How do you win? All you have to do is tell me whether or not you remember a space-centric game called ToeJam & Earl for Sega Genesis, which featured two rad aliens who crash-landed on Earth, and who were doomed to wander around looking for bits of their spaceship. I’ll need your yes-or-no answers by NO LATER THAN NOON on Friday, so get those into the comments section and/or tweet them to @BYTNYC.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy some space GIFs, yeah? #HYPNOTIC


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Recent Comments:
  • Aaron M says:

    Yes! I remember the game. I just didn’t play it enough to enjoy the awesomeness it brought!

  • Alex N. says:

    YES! Toe Jam and Earl, feel like they were predecessor relatives to the god Earthworm Jim.

  • Gia says:

    I totally remember TJ&E although I was never cool enough for Sega. Relegated to Nintendo life.

  • RC says:

    Yes! Vaguely 😛

  • alex says:

    No, alas. Wish I did though. I think I remember a cartoon by that name though, but it’s a fuzzy memory.

  • Sarah says:

    Yes. Holy. Chit. Toe Jam & Earl– how could I ever forget. Half of the time I feel like I’m still wandering around Earth just looking for pieces of my spaceship.