Your Best September 2017
BYT at large | Sep 1, 2017 | 9:00AM |

At the start of each month the BYT staff compiles a list of things we’re particularly looking forward to seeing, reading, hearing, etc. Our goal is for you to have the best possible month. This may help.

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Celeste Ng – Little Fires Everywhere, out September 12

Celeste Ng wrote my favorite fiction book of the last half decade: Everything I Never Told You. It was human and real and made you think about families and race and life in general in a way that made you learn things and feel things at the same time. I cried like a small child at the end and have shoved it into people’s hands ever since. I feel embarrassed even trying to write about it beyond just saying: YOU HAVE TO READ IT, because I can’t do it justice. When we interviewed her a little while a go, she was funny and smart and kind enough to tease out some details about her long awaited follow up, and September 12th (set in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb Ng grew up in) can’t be here fast enough.


Cinder Block Comedy Festival, September 7-10

The lineup on this one sounds rad; Judy Gold, Janeane Garofalo and MORE, plus eighty shows across eighteen venues in Williamsburg and Bushwick for your ultimate Brooklyn convenience! Even better? Most tickets clock in at just $5, so you won’t break the bank. Check out the full lineup here.



IT in theaters September 8

We all float down here. -Jenn Tisdale


Taste Talks 2017, September 8-10

Taste Talks is back with another amazing-sounding lineup of events! Matty Matheson will host the awards ceremony portion on the first night, there’ll be a full-on conference ft. the Future Food Expo (free w/ RSVP!) over the weekend, plus be sure to hit that epic cookout on Sunday to sample BBQ from a slew of great venues!

Anna of the North Lovers available September 8

To say I’m obsessed with Anna of the North is very much an understatement, and I am REAL PUMPED for Lovers to be released next week. If you haven’t heard the project, check out “Someone“, which has been on heavy rotation in my headphones since I first heard it // HEARTBREAK NEVER SOUNDED SO INFECTIOUSLY GOOD! -Megan Burns

Susanne Sundfør Music for People In Trouble available September 8

Susanne Sundfør could put out a record that’s just her singing the alphabet and I’d buy it. Her vocals are consistently INCREDIBLE, and after listening to the first track off Music for People In Trouble, I feel pretty confident this one’s going to be well worth an investment. Of the record, she says “We are living in a time of great changes. Everything is moving so rapidly, sometimes violently, sometimes dauntingly. I think a lot of people experience anxiety these days. I wanted to address these emotions on the album.” HELL YEAH. -Megan Burns

Big Thief @ Black Cat September 9, Music Hall of Williamsburg September 11 + 12

Maybe you don’t know Big Thief by name yet. Maybe you haven’t come across their first two albums – the aptly titled Masterpiece, and their 2017 follow-up, Capacity – two of the most delicate, heart-wrenching, and emotionally stirring indie-rock recordings of the last few years. And that’s alright. But as warm, gentle summer breezes begin to stiffen and sharpen into autumnal air, and as carefree evenings spent outside recoil into themselves, play these albums. Take it all in, feel your feelings completely. And go see Adrienne Lenker, Buck Meek, Max Oleartchik, and James Krivchenia play songs that will make you weep. You won’t be alone. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Myrkur Mareridt available September 15

I saw Myrkur at Saint Vitus here in NYC last month, and (to put it lightly), it was basically a religious experience. She’s 100% one of the most amazing artists of our time; even if you can’t get into the black metal vibes, you have to at least stop and respect the hell out of Amalie Bruun’s insanely good vocals // she can go from zero to sixty (thousand) at the drop of a hat. Very, very stoked for this record, and chomping at the bit for her to hit the road for a proper tour. -Megan Burns

BADBADNOTGOOD @ Irving Plaza September 16, 9:30 Club September 17

I was convinced these guys are British because I saw them play a London Boiler Room set once – but like most of my favorite acts these days, turns out they’re Canadian. For as much as Americans think Canada is our “little brother” up North, they really do a great job at providing arts education. Hmm. ANYWAYS, I digress.

BBNG are really good (I’m going to avoid the easy pun there), and have become the go-to group of weird white kids for rappers to collaborate with – Kendrick, Tyler, Earl, Ghostface and Snoop have all sought out the quartet for collaborations. They’re making dope instrumental hip hop, and have an uncanny sense for a groove. Highly recommended. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Broken Social Scene @ Citi Field September 15-17, 9:30 Club September 19

Yet another legendary Canadian super group coming your way, this time with extra zest. Hug of Thunder received a “Best New Music” rating from Pitchfork, and it’s merited – I’ve had the album on heavy rotation for weeks. BSS may be a small village at this point, with seventeen members officially listed, but damn it if they don’t sound great. The chemistry remains. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Thundercat @ 9:30 Club September 29, Brooklyn Steel September 30

I said this last time he was in town, and it rings true today:

“Thundercat is probably my favorite artist right now. Prodigiously talented from a young age, the bassist and producer marries incredible technical ability with deep sensibilities and eclectic – often eccentric – tastes. This dude is out here making genre-defying music like it’s nothing, while also earning the respect of his peers and elders. It’s an incredibly sold out show, but I urge you to find a way to get tickets. Will be worth every cent. Check out our interview with him from a few years back, and enjoy some more of his tracks in the interim.”

Yeah, that show was pretty rad, and these promise to be as well. Get tickets if you don’t have ’em yet. -Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Flying Lotus-035



Broad City returns to Comedy Central September 13

Yaaaaas, queen.

When we last saw Abbi and Ilana, our drug-addled, outer-borough misbehavers, they were returning from a failed trip to Israel in air marshal chains; someone referred to their menstrual flow as an explosion a little too close to a stewardess. But that Broad City season finale was more than a year ago — Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson lovingly visited Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters, if that helps show the mindset.

But now it’s 2017, and for season four, which premieres September 13, this Comedy Central stoner-sex farce will be censoring the president’s name. Both of our lascivious ladies got dumped last year, and I’m excited to see if they chase old beaux or enjoy being single in the city that never sleeps (alone). Guest stars are set to include Wanda Sykes, RuPaul, and Amy Ryan. -Tristan Lejeune

Will & Grace returns to NBC September 28

In as few words as possible: It got bad before it got gone.

NBC is reviving the original not-just-a-best-friend gay sitcom, but here’s hoping the new Will & Grace is way better that the last few years of the original run, which devolved into an endless string of guest stars (Cher, Matt Damon, Katie Couric, Cher again…) and low-hanging-fruit visual gags. Ideally, they’ll be resurrecting the show with DNA from its younger years. Jack and Karen (a Trump voter, apparently) will be living across the hall from our titular twosome, who are no doubt still riding the Manhattan dating scene like mechanical bull. Sounds like a classic two-camera, three-set sitcom if ever I’ve heard of one. Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes, and particularly Megan Mullally have all had the opportunity for interesting work in the 11 years since W&G went off the air, but none of them have ever found parts that suit them better.

It debuts on NBC on Thursday, September 28 at 9 p.m. — and it’s already been renewed for a second season. -Tristan Lejeune